United Tribulation Choir


The United Tribulation Choir is not your ordinary R&B Gospel group. It takes more than just a handful of talented musicians to touch the lives of others through music, and the U.T. Choir understands this.

Fostering a message of hope and inspiration, the U.T. Choir is dedicated in their quest to unite and empower communities with their R&B-influenced take on Gospel music.

The Montreal-based choir was founded in 2007 by two exceptional men: Brothers Gift and Paul Tshuma. Together, they carry with them years of experience as musicians, in addition to their academic backgrounds in jazz music and theory.

Drawing together talented individuals from different walks of life, the U.T. Choir performs both original and cover songs. They are strong supporters of diversity and extend their reach by singing in multiple languages and performing in a broad array of styles. Their lyrics are inspiring, uplifting, and above all, they come from the heart and past experiences.

The U.T. Choir was ultimately founded with one goal in mind: to bring about change in local communities and around the world.

via Into the Light Marketing